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" infectious set of songs that will alternatively have you shaking your head and singing along." The Big Takeover Review: The Hitmen "Smashface"

"An undeniable classic." This is Book's Music Review: The Green Pajamas "Complete Book of Hours"

"...there are lots of young musicians trying to capture this kind of guitar-driven spike-pop sound and not doing it nearly as well." Michael Toland The Big Takeover Review: The Icons "Masters of Disaster"

"If you were in Seattle when this was going on or have any interest at all in the scene at the time, this is a must to hear if not buy outright. Sure, the world could have lived without Green Monkey and their artists, but it would not have been the same. Not even close." Rock & Reprise Review:"IT CRAWLED FROM THE BASEMENT"

"Over the eight years of GMR’s existence, founder Tom Dyer amassed a formidable stash of smart pop thrills. ... Ignore the best of this double dose of forty-seven pre-grunge charms at your aesthetic peril." PopMatters Review: "It Crawled From The Basement"

“The Green Pajamas Ö mastery of their chosen form is brilliant melodic splendor.” Fred Mills — The Bob

“The Life may be one of the few Northwest bands who can reap what they sow” Cynthia J. Kludt — The Rocket

“Monkey Business … easily competes with its predecessors, the Seattle Syndrome series … maim and crush your way to the checkout line and purchase.” Bruce Pavitt — The Rocket

“Dyer alone manages to sound almost as diverse as the 15 bands on Local Product.” Dawn Anderson — Backfire

“The Hitmen are Öa rock band with subtlety and intelligence, refreshing in our morass of bludgeoning obviousness.” Jon Davis — Backlash

“Vocalist Jeff Kelly and keyboardist Bruce Haedt have an astonishing knack for writing songs which play in your head ad infinitum.” John Clark — Reflex Magazine

The Bombardiers are “the best straight-ahead, rockíníroll band in Seattle, no ifs, buts or ands.” Robert Allen — The Rocket

Green Pajamasí “Book of Hours is such a masterpiece of perfectionism itís scary.” Ratbeat International


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(300 dpi posters available on request)

The Life One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
S. Reverb One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
PJ Country! One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Icons Destiny One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Hitmen Smash One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Green PJ's Red One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Green PJs Bio/Discography MsWord (pdf)
Icons Masters One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Book of Hours One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Book of Hours Poster
4 from Monkeyland! Poster (pdf)
Dyer Vol. 2 One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Dyer Vol. 2 Poster (pdf)
Dyer Vol. 1 One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
Dyer Vol. 1 Poster (pdf)
GMR Discography MsWord


GMR Press Quotes MsWord (pdf)
GMR Bio MsWord (pdf)
It Crawled One Sheet MsWord (pdf)
It Crawled Tracklist MsWord (pdf)
It Crawled Complete Text MsWord (pdf)
It Crawled Poster   (pdf)
It Crawled Complete Kit  (pdf)
Sigourney Reverb 2011 The Life

Sigourney Reverb 2011 300 dpi

The Life 300 dpi

Sigourney Reverb Green Pajama Country!

Sigourney Reverb 300 dpi

Green Pajama Country! 300 dpi

Green Pajama Country! Green Pajama Country!

Green Pajama Country! 300 dpi

Green Pajama Country! 300 dpi

Green Pajama Country! The Icons 2011

Green Pajama Country! 300 dpi

The Icons 2011 300 dpi

Green Pajamas 2010 (left to right) Scott, Laura, Jeff, Eric & Joe. The Icons 2011

Green Pajamas 2010 300 dpi

The Icons 2011 300 dpi

Green Pajamas 1987 TD today

Green Pajamas 1987 300 dpi
Wilhelm, Kelly, Haedt, Lawrence

Dyer 2009 300 dpi

TD today TD 1980's

Dyer 2009 300 dpi

Dyer 1981 300 dpi

TD 2009 & Icons 2011 photos by Melany Petranski
1981 Dyer, 1987 Pajams picture credits unknown
2010 Pajamas Photo by Camden Hackworth