Green Monkey's Red Hot NW Links!

Well, mostly NW. Here's some stuff we like!

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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
I think this is one of the cooler things goin'. Levi Fuller puts out a a very stylish hand-made CD every quarter featuring a heady mix of stuff, ranging from folk to hip hop, with all points in between. I have all seventeen volumes and I highly recomend you try some.

Green Pajamas
This is the best place to stay semi-current on the PJs. They have a facebook page, too.

Bruce Haedt
Former PJ has loads of CDs and photography for you on his site.

Hollow Earth Radio
Internet radio broadcasting to you from beautiful Phinney Ridge. Pretty hip!

Popllama Products
Conrad Uno lives here (sort of)and will send you some Popllama stuff (Red Dress!) for the right price!

A fine blog that likes GMR stuff, a clear indicator of taste!

Rock and Reprise
Frank Gutch's blog with a healthy dose on NW.

Scott McCaughey/Young Fresh Fellows/Minus 5/whatever
More than you ever needed to know about the exploits of Mr. McCaughey. Saw the Fellows at their record release party this summer - fabulous!

Jon Strongbow
Your online source for a highly varied collection of all things Strongbow!

This Is Book's Music
John Book's blog with a NW bent from the wilds of Eastern Washington.