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We are damn thrilled, in fact enthralled to present to you Green Pajama Country!

This one has been a little messier than some, but more about that later. Here are the undeniable facts.

1. Is Green Pajama Country available to buy on CD with beautiful Western-style packaging? Answer: Yes*

2. Is Green Pajama Country available to buy as a lossless down-load this very minute? Answer: YesCD insert

3. Is there a damn cool video for “Pass Me Another Whiskey”, the lead-off track from Green Pajama Country that you can watch this very minute and send the link to all your friends who can send to their friends and so on? Answer: Yes

4. Do we hope that will inspire them to buy copies for all their relatives when Christmas comes around? Answer: Yes. Why not?

5. Is Green Pajama Country one of the most richly satisfying records ever made by the Kelly/Ross team, in fact so lovely and heartfelt that you kinda wonder why they never did this before? Answer: Absolutely yes.

So what’s the messy part, you ask? Well, first a little back story. A couple million years ago Joe asks Jeff to play in the Birdwatchers on Tuesdays down at the Whiskey Bar down on Second Ave in downtown Seattle. Jeff does it for a while. Merriment ensues. They play a couple Rolling Stones songs. And a couple country songs. They get the idea in their heads that they should make a Green Pajamas country record, because that element has always been there in their music at some level. Just less formally. Less explicitly. So they get this thing together with some old songs redone, some brand new songs, some whatever songs. It sneaks along in the background. Over a year ago, maybe a year and a half ago, they bring me this CD with the idea it’s basically done and it will follow up the Red Rose album. We even consider one of the tracks from Country, “She’s Gone, She’s Gone, She’s Gone, Daddy She’s Gone for inclusion on the Rose EP. Well, as you may have guessed by now, The Red, Red Rose will remain an EP. We’ve moved on and Jeff is working on a new Green Pajamas album. In the meantime, what about Country? Well, we get a closing theme for the album recorded, tidy the whole thing up and here it is.

Why good men go badSo the messy part. I master the whole thing up. Joe Ross is my witness. I make one fatal quality control error. After have made I couple zillion master versions, I burn the final master and send it off to manufacture. I DO NOT CHECK THE FINAL MASTER. It’s fine just like all the other ones, I’m sure. I’ll just send it off and bam – Hittsville, USA! A few weeks later the finished discs and covers arrive. I put one in my CD player and FREAK. It is not PJ Country, it is Tom Dyer – Songs From Academia Volume 1. Somehow my mastering program has burnt the wrong tracks to the master. Scientifically minded, I replicate the project – same bad result. Oops. I now have 1,000 Tom Dyer CDs that say Green Pajamas Country on them. And who said the music business ain’t jolly fun?

Rather than selling you the wrong disc and pretending it is the PJs (after all, who would notice), we have had them remanufactured, which takes extra time. Thus the asterisk on fact Number 1 above. We will have new discs tomorrow or Thursday or so and will speed them your way the minute we have them. Trials and tribulations? Who cares. Great album? Hell, yeah baby!

And that, dear listener, is the story of our August AotM. Enjoy!


August 2011

Track list and songwriting credits:

Guitar slinger. Photo by Howie Wahlen1. Green Pajama Country (Opening Theme)

2. Pass Me Another Whiskey

3. You Had A Way About You

4. Honky Tonk Girls (At The Little Red Hen)

5. Last Night Was Like The End Of The World

6. Winter Of '23

7. Dark Water (In The Wires)

8. Isabelle Blue

9. Desiree

10. Father, Father Do You WaitL to R: Eric, Scott, Laura, Jeff, Joe

11. Why Good Men Go Bad

12. I Just Wish That She'd Love Me

13. The Night Passed Over Into Day

14. She's Gone, She's Gone, She's Gone, Daddy She's Gone

15. Green Pajama Country (Closing Theme)

all songs written by Jeff Kelly except "Honky Tonk Girls," written by Joe Ross. All songs © 2011 St. Brigid Publishing, BMI except "Winter of '23" © 1985 and "She's Gone, She's Gone, She's Gone, Daddy She's Gone" © 1990 Half the World Publishing, BMI.