Hello. Here's the deal. Green Monkey officially started in 1983, putting out 44 releases in the ’83 to ’91 period. We've been going again since August 2009 in our Mach II incarnation, with about 35 releases so far. They are all excellent.

In theory we are "underground rock," but we aren't always sure what that means. Most of the stuff that we do involves electric guitars, but they are not required.

We put out things we like. We put out things our artists like. If those two don't line up, it doesn't happen. We respect our artists and don't have time for other silliness.

If you want to send us stuff to consider, you can. We don't take on a lot of new projects, but are open minded. Please listen to some of our stuff and see if you think you'd fit in. We generally prefer you just use the Contact Us link and send MP3s and some info, but you can mail us stuff at:

Green Monkey Records LLC
PO Box 13494
Olympia WA  98508

We will usually give you some kind of feedback, but no promises there.

Green Monkey Records LLC and Half the World Publishing are run by label Prez Tom Dyer along with the popular Senior VP of Video Howie Wahlen. Carlton IV provides valuable assisitance.

Since GMR Mach I, Dyer has spent most of his time in higher education; at the Art Institute of Seattle, the New England Institute of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, and most recently Argosy University, Seattle.




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