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The OF Get New Zealand Love!

June 6th, 2015

Some fine press for Escape Goat from Graham Reid in Elsewhere, “The Green Monkey label out of Seattle is the home to some fascinating artists . . . They are certainly . . . unpredictable. The OF appear to be a fairly flexible ensemble which bring together left-field rock, falling apart jazz tropes, spoken word samples and song titles which might have fallen off a Frank Zappa or Zoogz Rift album.”


June 5th, 2015

Its the latest Pajamas bootleg available from Jeff Kelly!
The facts on: Twentyfive by Jeff Kelly, 1991. A long time ago Jeff used to record his music onto cassettes. Tons of them. Some were fun. Some were sad. Some were noisy. Some rocked. Some were Lover’s Rock. Five years before this very private release, Jeff got married. To Susanne. I was there. Some of the songs he wrote were now about Susanne. Sometimes they were recorded with Susanne, like their unreleased L7 project, or Coffee In Nepal, which I released on cassette and which has been released on CD and vinyl. They laid the ground for their beautiful 2014 By Reckless Moonlight album back then.

This is a little different. Twentyfive is twenty-two songs written and recorded about/for Susanne (plus three poems) in the ensuing five years of nuptial bliss, all assembled onto one cassette and given to her on her twenty-fifth birthday. Some had see light on other releases, some not. “Oh How I Love You” from Coffee In Nepal is one of Jeff’s best songs of any period. Jeff made a few copies and gave them to a few people. I was one of them.

Jeff was not doing a lot musically at that point, it was a bit of a fallow period in his otherwise prolific career. I listed Twentyfive out on some Jeff Kelly Discography to make it look like Jeff was still keeping his hand in, true, if a little fluffy. Like the Green Pajamas’ Happy Halloween (which had about 10 copies made when it was originally released), its legend grew over time.

At some point around 2003/4 I was living out in Rhode Island, had acquired some digital audio tools and digitized my copy for no particular reason I can remember other than I could. I was able to get rid of some of the cassette’s tape hiss (so thrilling) and burnt it to CDR. Scanned the cassette cover and made it into a CD cover. Made two copies. Sent one to Jeff. Still have my copy.

So there you have it. A nice snapshot of the beginning of true love.

Can’t wait until Susanne turns 50!

Tom Dyer, Seattle, June 2015

The OF Receives Yet Another Thoughtful Review!

June 4th, 2015

“Carey’s “compositions” flow like stream of conscious ramblings of the local sewer-dwelling lunatic wandering your local streets at night, reeking of urine and cigarettes and promising the end is near because, like, you know, Gold told him personally over breakfast at the local diner yesterday morning.” Jeff Penczak SoundBlab


June 2nd, 2015

More great press for THE OF! “In other words, it’s the kind of uneasy rock that enjoys going on travels with you and themselves, and they’re not ready to be comfortable by staying in one spot. Escape Goat is that goat being spanked on a mountain on a road to who knows where, the fun part is to watch where it plans on ending up.” John Book – This Is Book’s Music


June 2nd, 2015

Jimm McIver will be making his annual pilgrimage to Sturgeon Bay’s Steel Bridge Songfest, from whence sprouted many of the songs on his soon-to-be-released Sunlight Reaches, including the upcoming video “Witchcraft”! Fair winds and write well, Brother Jimm!


June 2nd, 2015

“In spite of the often haphazard-sounding result, it’s clear that a lot of planning went into this recording, and a lot of imagination unfettered by conventions. . . Unpredictable, imaginative, wacky, and complex are all adjectives that apply. You’ll often say, ‘Whoa, didn’t see that coming! Cool.’” Jon Davis – expose’


June 1st, 2015

GMR Prez Tom Dyer sits down with Mr. John Carey to find out wot the hell is going on. Really.

Jimm McIver Shoots Second Video for Sunlight Reaches Album!

June 1st, 2015

Jimm has cut a second video for the wistful “Hannah” – to be finished up in a bit, mate.

THE OF @ Tim’s Tavern Saturday June 6!

June 1st, 2015

The OF will bring you professional music entertainment on June 6 at Tim’s Tavern, where good friends gather! That be Saturday, right-o!!

Another Green Pajamas Official Bootleg 4U!

May 29th, 2015

The PJs have another fine bootleg available – The Green Pajamas Radio Remixes.
Recorded December 27, 2013 on KEXP’s Audioasis show.
Remixed by Jeff Kelly, May 2015
Scott Vanderpool: drums
Laura Weller: electric and acoustic guitar, vocal
Joe Ross: bass guitar
Charley Rowan: electric accordion
Eric Lichter: percussion
Jeff Kelly: vocal, electric and acoustic guitar
Phil Hirschi: cello, vocal

Thanks very much to Jackson Long Thanks also to DJ Sharlese

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