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Old Jeff Kelly Video Found- What Became of Betty Page?

February 22nd, 2014

We recently unearthed a VHS copy of a video that Jeff put together of “What Became of Betty Page?” from Ash Wednesday Rain, released in 1995. Just to be clear, we have no rights to the footage, and the video is not monetized in any way. It is simply Jeff’s homage to Ms. Page. Enjoy.

Gary Minkler at Darrell’s @-NITE!!!

February 9th, 2014

Hobosexual II is GMR album of the Month!!!

February 1st, 2014

Pretty damn cool. You can see them tonight at Slim’s in Georgetown!


Super Bowl 2014?

January 30th, 2014

There is no question at GMR.

New Rusty video

January 26th, 2014

We posted a super video of Rusty’s from 2010 for your peepers. Rusty Willoughby performs Too Early and Crown of Thorns from his album Cobirds Unite, live at Crackle & Pop! Studio in Ballard, Washington. Accompanied by Rachel Flotard, Maggie Bjorklund, Barb Antonio, and Barrett Martin. Check it!

Pix of the Green Pajamas on KEXP

January 15th, 2014

Who’s the new guy? Check out these pix of the Green Pajamas on KEXP.

Rusty Willoughby at Neumos Tonight!

January 10th, 2014

Rusty Willoughby! Album of the Month! He will be at Neumos tonight with the Posies. Stream his latest here and now…

Howie Wahlen’s Top 10 for 2013

January 4th, 2014

I thought I was going to have a problem coming up with a top 10 this year, as funds were limited, but it turned out I have loving and giving family and friends who either loaned me a copy to listen too, or damn well gave it to me! (You know who you are. Thanks.) So, along with the ones I couldn’t do without and the ones I did hear, there turned out to be a whole lot of good stuff out there. More than I could list.

1. Beatles – On the Air-Live at the BBC vol 2
I can’t help it. They are partly responsible for me doing this GMR thing. I love these guys and the BBC recordings. 20 years between BBC releases is too long. Give me more.




2. The Three O’clock – The Hidden World Revealed
It was great to follow the Three O’clock’s reunion on YouTube and FaceBook this year. If I could of, I would have gone to see them. Then a bonus happened and they released a couple of things from the vault. This is just what the doctor ordered for the long time fan and a new fan. It was enough to make chemo-boy jump for joy.



3. Silver Sun – A Lick and a Promise
These guys from England haven’t made too many waves here. Too bad. They are crunchy power pop for most of the masses. As near as I can tell, this one is digital download only. Their single, Bubblegum, was the one that hooked me a few years ago.




4. The Nines – The Nines
Even more unheard great power pop. The Nines are comprised of Steve Eggers (vocals, bass), Sam Tallo (guitar), and Aaron Nielson (drums). Their self-titled, independent cassette was released in 1994. This is not that. Search ‘em out.




5. Mark Lindsay – Life Out Loud
Mark returns with a vengeance. His first truly Rock & Roll record in over 10 years. In fact it is probably the best thing he has done since 1969. I had faith that he could do this. It rocks. Please come home and play Mark.




6. Pete Ham – Keyhole Street Demos (1966-67)
More moving home demos by the greatly missed Pete Ham of Badfinger. This one was crowd-funded and, I believe, only available while they lasted.




7. Jellyfish – Radio Jellyfish
Live on the radio acoustic Jellyfish 1993. All of the melody, harmony and charm of Jellyfish is here.





8. Mark Lanegan – Imitations
I still love that smokey voice, even if he’s doing his version of the standards.





9. Dave Edmunds – Again
He goes back to his studio alone again, naturally. This is really how I like Dave the best (ala: McCartney), playing everything.




10. Chris Stamey – Love Sick Blues
There are strings, horns, acoustic guitars and big harmonies. This is a late night/early morning record – mellow, moody pop according to Amazon. It’s very accurate.




Honorable mentions go to:

Beatles – Bootleg Recordings 1963 (I hope this trend continues to at least 2020. There could be some interesting Beatles rarities hiding in the vaults.)
Big Star – Nothing Can Hurt Me (Remixes of one of my fav 70′s bands for the soundtrack for a long overdue bio-pic.)
Jimi Hendrix – Miami Pop Festival (Was it bootlegged? I’ve never heard this show and it’s a good one. Miss you Jimi.)
Sly and the Family Stone – Higher Box Set (When Sly was on, he burned bright. Still as fresh as ever.)

Stream The Green Pajamas on KEXP!

January 1st, 2014

If you missed it, here’s a link to stream The Green Pajamas KEXP performance December 28th! Set it up for 8:30pm and launch the player.

4 GMR releases make ShockPop! Year End List!

December 26th, 2013

From ShockPop!: Sparky’s List Of Very Nice 2013 All Indie CDs includes (in alphabetical order) Jim of Seattle, King County Queens, Gary Minkler & The OF!

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