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Green Pajamas for Portugal!!!

January 19th, 2013

Some Portuguese Green Pajama blog action at man on the moon

Google Translation: The Green Pajamas – Death By Misadventure

Death By Misadventure is a dizzying exercise psicadelia, full of references related to the supernatural, myths, ancient legends and novels! A concept album, as I mentioned, about the life cycle of a beehive and therefore with some sinister ideas, even when the songs speak of the sun or the magic of life, since everything revolves around the death of the queen bee , by his subjects after food and stir it causes within the hive itself. This death is detailed with all the luxuries in The Queen Bee’s Last Tango, when you can listen She strips off her girdle, slips off her swastika ring, While 17 boys dressed up the dolls and toys blow the king, In the opium fog, the prince and his dog start to sing, And there’s no sense of the sorrow to befall them all tomorrow. A party, so …

In short, the Balkan folk of The Queen Is Dead Bee to pop made with synthesized keyboards 2nd To The Reward, reminiscent Golden Brown by The Stranglers, Death By Misadventure proof that The Green Pajamas have an amazing ability to engage in around an idea and give it life, taking us this time through a stream sound very theatrical, to the interior of a beehive, a job that goes far beyond her own songs and proves that genius and extreme ingenuity this band from Seattle.
Hopefully aprecies suggestion …

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