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More Great Press for “I Ain’t Blue Any More” – 5 Stars!

February 12th, 2013

A really fine review from Jamsphere: ” Let me start by saying that this album here is worth it for just one song: “John, The Revelator.” Just listen to that lament Dyer lets loose at the start before the dissonant music even kicks in, and tell me his voice doesn’t have every bit the power that the well-known Delta and Chicago blues artists had. I mean this stuff is raw, down-and-dirty blood music; hard-driving blues, soft blues, bar-room brawl blues, you just can’t lose here. . . the blues is not about what you put into the sound, it’s what you extract out of the soul, and Tom Dyer knows that better than anyone else!” Rick Jamm

Digging the Dirt

February 11th, 2013

I have spent the last two days going through the sketchy archive of the Colorplates searching for glory. The songs are mostly in hand. Now to pick the hits.

The Adults (Colorplates) 1980 debut at the And/Or Gallery in Seattle


More good Press for “I Ain’t Blue”!!

February 11th, 2013

“He derives inspiration from diverse musical genres. The signature trait in each of his songs is the guitar. The guitar tracks have a tendency to remain in the head of the listener, and the tracks are very catchy in tune. The guitar and drum tracks are skillfully played, but never overshadow the artist’s bluesy and scratchy vocals. Dyer has managed to capture the essence of the blues, singing from the heart while being able to transmit feeling in each of the tracks. The songs, “The Ballad of Carlton IV” and “(People Want to Be Free) Free” are classic examples of this artist’s style. Dyer evokes creativity and a new approach to each of his tracks, and he explores deep and personal themes in the lyrics. Besides being an accomplished artist, Dyer is president of Green Monkey Records, serving in areas of recording, mastering and directing. He is someone who has an ear for music while being able to create some of his own.” Indie Review

A Fine “Ain’t Blue” Review from BANDBLURB.COM!

February 11th, 2013

“Tom Dyer is a unique artist. Not only is he a musician, but president of Green Monkey records which promotes unique music. Dyer is an artist that is hard to label, and this is a high complement. The artists who last the longest are the ones willing to experiment and depart from popular trends. Overall, his music has elements of blues, rock and folk. Dyer has mastered the art of traditional blues, using a simple guitar while singing what is on his heart and mind. His song, “(People Want to Be Free) Free” Is one example of this classic, bluesy quality. In the old days, blues artists sang about hard times with a glimmer of hope, and this artist taps into the essence of where blues music came from. He also tackles personal and family themes.

This is not an artist that produces monotonous albums. Each album he produces has a different theme and style than the previous one. Dyer is someone who does not need a mainline record company to promote his music. He is comfortable where he is as an artist and does not have to worry about artistic limitations, and this is why his music is so daring and experimental. A person looking for new music will find the best artists in underground music and artists promoting their own labels. Judging by Dyer’s music, this is an artist that is uncompromising in his style and time will only tell in seeing how this artist will evolve.” Bandblurb

Jim of Seattle is “Refreshing”!

February 3rd, 2013

From Loud Horizons: “‘We Are All Famous‘ is a ‘simple’ album; an ‘innocent,’ album; a ‘straight forward’ and ‘unassuming’ album. Even the artist’s name reflects these assertions. But it’s probably unlike any other album you’ve listened to before – the result being that some will absolutely love the variation and fresh sounds … but it’s equally as likely to polarize that view in others. It’s a hard one to call! . . . If I’m honest, I’d have to say that this album confused the hell out of me on first listen! But you know …. it’s really pretty damn clever and such a refreshing change of listen.”

Aaiiee is the GMR Streaming Album of the Month!

February 2nd, 2013

It’s February baby. Time for a new AotM. AAIIEE. Dig it.


Excellent “I Ain’t Blue” Review from Blogcritic!

February 2nd, 2013

A really fine, thoughtful review from Blogcritics: “This is not what you would call pretty music. Some of it sounds strange, some dissonant. If sometimes it seems unpolished, you need to remember that polish only covers the surface. It is raw with the depth of heartfelt passion, and raw passion is never very pretty . . . Clearly Dyer and his music will not appeal to everyone, and that’s a shame. There is an honest earthiness to his work that is both refreshing and compelling. If you like your music raw and stripped down to its essentials, you’ll want to give I Ain’t Blue Anymore a listen.” Jack Goodstein

Lost Horizon’s rates “Ain’t Blue” Excellent!

February 2nd, 2013

Yet another “Ain’t Blue” review from Lost Horizons.