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The Big Takeover Review

February 27th, 2011

A very fine review of The Hitmen’s Smashface in The Big Takeover!

The Blackouts Rule!

February 26th, 2011

I am preparing the new AotM which is the Backouts and it is of course fantastic. While I am working I am listening to Volume 23 of Ball of Wax which just came out. It is one of the best volumes yet. Nicely done, Levi!

New PJs Single

February 21st, 2011

Mix, mix, mix. Master, master. Mix some more. Mostly finishing the Icons because it must be right (but must get done)! Getting close to done with Green Pajamas Country as well. Pretty great!

The Blackouts will be our March AotM. If you know who they are you are jacked. If you don’t know, you are in for a beautiful thing.

The following is a public service announcement for Green Pajama completists everywhere:

On Vagrant Records of Seattle Washington, new release from the Green Pajamas! Recorded in 1997 and lost in the vaults come 2 songs from the (near) classic line up of the Green Pajamas, London Sundays and She’s Had Enough.

Pressed up on Green Vinyl for a one time (ultra) Limited Run of 300! With a great color cover designed by Greg Cook! Only $5 per copy! You won’t find these songs anywhere else on any other releases EVER!! Cut in Glorious MONO and ALL ANALOG too (mixed to an ALL-TUBE Ampex 350 and cut by Groove-O-Matic on their cutting lathe!) You may contact Vagrant at OR mail your Postal/Money Order or Cashier’s Check (NO CASH via the US Mail) to them at:

Vagrant RecordsĀ  5512 University Way N.E. Seattle WA 98105 USA

NO CODs or Credit Card Orders (sorry to many hustlers out there). Checks are OK, but they put a hold on shipment until they clear (due to check fraud in the past) Please include ($5 for shipping and handling all orders are sent USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise specified) Also, due to the limited quantity of this release Bulk Orders of 10 units are the maximum they will sell to any one person or business.

Pajama time at Studio 66

February 5th, 2011

Another day, another glamorous dollar. So in theory, I’m all done mixing The Icon’s mighty Appointment with Destiny! The cover is all done. Think I’ll give it a couple days to sink in before I put the official fork in it.

Tonight it is Pajama time at Studio 66 with Go Go dancers. They have a new (if you call recorded in 1997 new) vinyl single (not GMR) out tonight so you’ll want to get one or two.

Be there or be rectangular.

Picture Day AotM

February 1st, 2011

Here we go.

It’s February and after being all old school last month, this month we are gettin’ all contemporary on ya. Picture Day is a band/project/whatever of old chums Eric Lichter and Jimm McIver, who made a mighty fine Green Monkey record back when as members of The Life (which we should be reissuing this year). Eric, who has been a Green Pajama for a while, felt it was time to do a little stretching out again and you’ve got the result. Check it out.

Now normally we pull down the stream promptly when the month ends unless it is a GMR release, but after getting such a nice interview on KUOW, it seemed a shame to yank it, so you can still go to the Archive and stream the Jerden tunes for a while.

Also in the trad breaking mode, Jim Anderson asked to put the Little Bears stream back up, so you can stream that in the Archive as well.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Red Dress performance on the Seattle Channel. Pretty groovy stuff. Maybe it is time for Red Dress to make an all-new record. Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll start the rumor they’re doing it.

On the old but strangely contemporary front, I am inching ever closer to completing The Icons‘ magnificent Appointment with Destiny! Let the entertainment industry beware!

I am also working on mastering the long-overdue Green Pajama Country, so that should be heading your way soon as well. The title on this one drops the controversial use of the word “the” as in The Green Pajamas, so who knows where this will all lead. Oh my.

In today’s final thought, both Eric and Jimm have young sons who are learning the finer points of bathroom etiquette. They name their album Wild Aim.