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January 29th, 2011

Tomorrow at 12:14pm I will be on KUOW talking about this month’s AotM with Jamala Henderson. You can listen at:

Get to rockin’!

January 23rd, 2011

Well, well, well, boyz-n-girlz! I know I have been working on this for months and months, but I really am getting to the end of The Icons Appointment with Destiny! Did basic mixes on all sixteen songs and now am doing the extra fancy tweaking up. With all due modesty, I believe this album is going return the entire entertainment business to its salad days. It will be bigger than Fleetwood Mac, bigger than Foreigner, maybe even bigger than Journey. Honest.

What else? Friday I went down to KUOW and cut a little piece with Jamala Henderson about the current AotM – featuring all that awesome Jerden stuff. It will air next weekend – let you know when.

In other exciting news, when I wrap this pup this week, I will be mastering the long overdue Green Pajamas Country, in which Jeff and Joe take a sideways turn on a number of Kelly Klassics and make them Kountry Klassics. It’s pretty nice. We have not yet confirmed this, but the rumor is that each album will come with a 100% felt cowboy hat and fully reloadable cap gun! Just sayin’.

I will also be remastering The Life’s Alone shortly, along with a whole second unreleased album of great stuff that we cut after Alone, but never released anything more than the Broken Man single cuz de band broke up. The current plan is to put it out as a two disc set.

On a related note, next month’s AotM will be Picture Day, the current project of former Life dudes Eric (Harris) Lichter and Jimm McIver. It is available in fine stores and whatnot.

Back to mixing, baby!


January 17th, 2011

Another glamorous day in the world of show biz – swell reviews of The Red Red Rose and SMASHFACE today in The Ripple Effect. Everybody’s doing that post-New Year catch-up thang, BABY!


January 16th, 2011

Well. A fine time was had by all last night as we celebrated Ms. Kate’s b-day with plenty-o racket by The Icons, The Green Pajamas and Sigourney Reverb.

Also a couple nice reviews by This is Books Music of The Red Red Rose and The HitmenSmashface – thx John!

January 15th, 2011

I gotta give a shout out to Dennis Levy at Levy’s Leathers. I have several Levy guitar straps for my several guitars and after I bought them, I figured out that they make their straps in regular and extra long. Bought regular and wished I’d got XL. They sell extensions, but only black.

I wanted extensions that matched the red, and blond straps I bought – not black. After spending a month emailing and calling over the holidays, a busy time, and being told they don’t make colored extensions, I sent off an email to the owner Dennis.

I got a call from him within 5 minutes of sending it. Dennis explained that the colored straps extensions probably won’t match mine as they come from different dye lots – makes sense – which is why they don’t sell them. But then he personally went out on the production floor, grabbed the pieces I was looking for and sent them to me.

Wowsa! Impressive!

If you want a great strap you can get them on Amazon or direct from Levy’s site!

January 9th, 2011

So Ben Dyer, who is a student at Evergreen in Olympia, is sitting in Red Square reading chemistry or something, cuz that’s wot he does. There is a speaker playing music from KAOS, the the Evergreen radio station. Ben’s concentration is broken by a strangely familiar sound. Suddenly he realizes – it is Ice Age by The Hitmen. Oh yeah.

Also this week got a call from Jamala Henderson at KUOW, who is gonna do a short piece with me next week on our current Jerden Records AotM – details to follow.

‘Sides that, I am mostly finished mixing The Icons and am cleaning up the details. We are shooting to have Appointment with Destiny! in stores by February.

It is a Green Monkey universe, baby.

January 1st, 2011

Okie doakie – the new AotM is up just in time for your New Year’s Eve! Big thanks to Howie for taking this on – he picked the tunes, wrote the words, did it all, giving you, the Northwest music lover one sweet treat to start your new year.

Have a great evening tonight and be safe!