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August 23rd, 2010

So those fine champions of the obscure at The Ripple Effect just reviewed The Life‘s under-rated but mighty Do It Again/Broken Man single from 1991 or so. I believe they are completely right in their assessment! And yes, I do have a small pile hidden away if you think you must have it. Drop a line. Mr. McIver and pals are nearly ready to surrender to my tender entreaties to release their collected works. Eric and Jimm’s latest project Picture Day will be having their record release party for Wild Aim this Friday at Piecoras on Capital Hill. Check it out!

August 21st, 2010

Life remains stoopid busy, but things continue to continue. Jeff Kelly’s Ash Wednesday Rain will be our September AotM. If you have been too damn cheap to buy this great album, you can listen to it all month for free soon. Sweet!!!!

A fine review of Red Rose in the Terrascope!

If you are wondering what the background music is in the video at the moment, it is an excerpt from a cover of The Dehumanizers’ Godmen of the Future that I did a year ago for a comp that may come out some day.

August 15th, 2010

Got a nice review of The Red, Red Rose in Blurt. Overdubed PJ Jeff on some Icons trax today. Just listened to Nas and Damina MarleyDistant Relatives – sorta new, pretty good.

August 7th, 2010

Red Rose EP cover

The Red, Red Rose is on the GMR shopping page now. You can buy it from us direct for $4.99 in the US and $6.99 elsewhere, or $5.99 + shipping from CDBaby. In case you’re wondering why all the different prices, CDBaby keeps 4 bucks on everything they sell. That’s fine, but we’re losing money if we sell them for 5 bucks on CDBaby. We’re not that altruistic. Yet.

Time to get to rockin’ now.

August 5th, 2010

Did I mention The Green Pajamas’ The Red Red Rose EP is officially out? Oh my – how irrioesponsible. It IS out as of Tuesday. You can buy it from CDBaby or from us – it will be on our shop page in the next day or so. It costs a buck more from CDBaby, cuz they keep 4 bucks on everything they sell and I didn’t want to sell it for 1 buck. Economics! Buy it direct from GMR and save a buck, plus free shipping in the US!

August 1st, 2010

Lessee – AotM is up as ya’ll can see – The Young Fresh Fellows kindly consented to let me stream some of my personal Fellows faves for the next month – now dig ‘em!

Just finished putting together The Green PajamasRed, Red Rose EP – it will officially be released Tuesday and is muy bueno.

Have spent the last week wrestling with a piece of software for my Pro Tools rig – much more fun than actually recording music.

Nice review of The Complete Book of Hours as well as a review of the Masters of Disaster at Onward!