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January 31st, 2010

Al Bloch‘s up tomorrow. Spent Friday night finding all the original cassette mixes from Jeff Kelly‘s Baroquen Hearts to remaster for release. We coulda just gone with a late 4th generation copy, but I say No Way Baby! – at GMR sound quality matters and we go all the way to the source to get it right for you!

Working hard to get the Green PajamasComplete Book of Hours ready for March. This will be a the first release of this material in 20 years and you will get it all – every track from every version from every country and then some. Nice!

Got a very fun plug on KEXP’s web site. Levi Fuller of Ball of Wax does Review:Revue where he pulls out vinyl from the old KCMU vaults and reprints the DJ remarks with a little editorializing. This month it is Green Monkey party! Pretty fun – check it out.

January 24th, 2010

Ok – Al wasn’t quite ready to roll, but he is now. Continuing to mix the Icons‘ old stuff. Icons have a date to record new tracks at Conrad Uno’s Feb 24 – should be a blast!

January 18th, 2010

Been a busy boy the last couple weeks. The covers were late for Vol. 2 Instrumental and Spoken Word, but promos are all sent out now. Al Bloch‘s AotM is ready to roll for Feb 1. Finished mastering the Green PajamasBook of Hours for March 1 release today. In progress of remixing The IconsMasters of Disaster from the original 8-tracks. Going to Walkabout Glen Slater’s studio in 15 minutes to add a couple keyboard tracks before remixing. Rehearsing with the Icons to make a new record at Egg Studios in 6-8 weeks. Have a very fine intern Vereena Lindra who is helping with various label junk and am meeting with a photographer at 5:00 today to schedule the entire future. Other than that not much going on.