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July 25th, 2016

‘”Quarter To Zen” by Liquid Generation contains 16 great songs, which the band has carried me back to the 60s, I can every fan of 60s music and garage rock, this CD also heartily recommend. ” Carrie Munter – New Underground Music

Liquid Generation, which consisted of Jeremy Meyer – vocals, John Branin – solo guitar, Bob Blackburn – rhythm guitar, John Conrard – bass and Randy Nash – drums, one of Seattle’s first Neo-Psychedelic bands of the early 80s.
Their repertoire consisted of covers of mainly British Sixties bands such as The Kinks, Them and The Troggs, but also covers of obscure bands like The Remains, The Choir, The Ugly Ducklings, The Gants, and The Chob.
In 1984 the band released their first and only single, titled “1/4 To Zen” / “I Love You” while there were recorded several songs through a 4 and 8 track recorder.
Liquid Generation made a one-off in 2009 to celebrate their 25th anniversary, with the Green Monkey Records compilation album “It crawled From The Basement” appeared, and in their published on March 18, 2016 CD, “Quarter To Zen”, which by Green Monkey Records was released, his 15 hear unreleased songs plus the A-side of the single.

The album starts with the A-side of the single “1/4 To Zen” and in this place the tire me a catchy sounding upbeat powerrock song for which a catchy rhythm (listen to this song from the youtube link below the review) and is followed by “We’re Pretty quick” a fantastic quick raw garage rock song that contains swings like a train and a lot of fuzz on the guitar.
Then I get “All Good Things” to hear and containing the band plays a great fast garage rock song, which contains some fine tempo changes, then I “Hang Up” dished war, in which the band plays a great rock song at an average rate.
Then follows “She’s Mine”, also a brilliant garage rock song in which the tempo is very high and the song sounds catchy, and “From Home” follows and the Troggs cover sounds pretty rough and slightly faster than the original.
In “Out Of Our Tree” I get back to hear such excellent uptempo garage, where the energy palpable and “This Is The World We Live In” the band plays a fast garage rock song with mild hypnotic progressive rock influences.
Then brings Liquid Generation “Once Before” played and in it I hear a nice-sounding rock song, which is followed by “I Need You”, which I one hear of my favorite Kinks songs and this version sounds great and is more rugged than the original.
The next song is called “Little Girl” and the cover is carried out in fine fashion, but I prefer anyway the original version, although that sounds less severe, and this number is followed by “Til The End Of Time”, which the band continues making uptempo rock music, which contains some fine tempo.
I also hear “Nothing,” a great garage rock song with a variety of subtle tempo changes, “Going Out Of My Mind”, a fast pretty heavy garage rock song, “I Love You”, a melodic rock song, which is played at high speed and ” Endless Summer, “a catchy slightly psychedelic pop rock song that has influenced the music of the Byrds.

“Quarter To Zen” by Liquid Generation contains 16 great songs, which the band has carried me back to the 60s, I can every fan of 60s music and garage rock, this CD also heartily recommend.


July 25th, 2016

Green Pajamas Out NOW!

July 16th, 2016

“If You Knew What I Dreamed The Green Pajamas Play the Jeff Kelly Songbook” – Out now on limited edition LP and Download!


July 9th, 2016

The Navins score some nice press!

July 6th, 2016

New Zealand’s Elsewhere sez: “Straight-ahead indie rock with a very large and welcome dollop of power pop with its ears on economic Sixties garageband pyschedelic rock.”

Rossi: The Queen Annes – Released! “should not be missed”!!

July 6th, 2016

Nice first review of the QA’s in Power Pop News!


June 24th, 2016

You may now purchase The Queen Annes’ second album The Mire directly from GMR. You are welcome!


June 24th, 2016

In 1997 these young lads recorded THE QUEEN ANNES – RELEASED! It is finally being released. Tonight. At Slim’s Last Chance in Georgetown.

The older and possibly wiser QA’s will present this masterpiece in toto. It will be without doubt a raucous affair. Please plan on attending!


June 17th, 2016

Queen Annes - Released!
The fifteen years overdue Queen Annes album “Released!” is released today. Does it rock? You know it does. 100%.


June 9th, 2016

The NAVINS go interstellar with a swell new video for “Judy”!! Come see them at their RECORD RELEASE PARTY this Saturday, June 11 at the Blue Moon Tavern on 45th in the U District.

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