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“Dig The Fuzz and have your cardiologist on speed dial”

November 13th, 2015

“the third album of melodic garage-punk from Seattle vets The Fuzz rips its way through dueling buzz-saw guitars and a whole lotta shakin’ and bakin’ going on in the rhythm-section. … So if your idea of a night on the town involves rolling around on the floor and slam dancing or stage diving with your besties, dig The Fuzz and have your cardiologist on speed dial.” Jeff Penczak/Soundblab

Another Fine Review for DYER’S NEW PAGAN GODS!

November 10th, 2015

Expose’: The arrangements are approached with a spirit of invention rather than reverence – “Louie Louie” is almost unrecognizable, though according to the liner notes, it’s based on a little-known rendition by The Nomads, and “Angel of the Morning” is treated more like a rock song than the folky or countrified versions usually heard. In addition to being a great set of rocking tunes, this collection is something of a history lesson, and serves as proof that there’s more to Northwest rock than Jimi Hendrix and The Wailers. Here’s hoping there will be a Volume 2! – Jon Davis

Limited Edition Green Pajamas Vinyl!

November 10th, 2015

Green Pajamas - Death By MisadventureOur pals at Sugarbush Records in the UK have made a limited edition LP of The Green Pajamas – Death by Misadventure and you can get them straight from GMR while supplies last. Don’t delay!

GMR has 40 of these vinyl LP’s we will sell for $27.99 each. Postage Paid. When they are gone, they are gone.


November 5th, 2015

Carrie’s Music Machine: “Tom Dyer’s New Pagan God has me with “The History of Northwest Rock Vol.1″ treated to 15 great songs from the period from 1959 to 1968 and I can any lover of 60s music then also 100% recommend this disc.”
Carrie's Music Machine
Review: Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods – The History of Northwest Rock Vol.1 1959-1968 (Green Monkey Records, 2015) (Rock)

Tom Dyer from Seattle, Washington, USA, ran for quite some time with the idea to make an album of songs by bands from the North West.
His inspiration for this project he drew from the album “The History of Northwest Rock Vol.1″ which in 1976 through the Great West Music Company label appeared and one of the many labels, which was the impresario Jerry dennon of Jerden Records.
He asked his friends of The Green Pajamas to assist him and the result is an album that 15 covers contains.
The band, which plays the songs, includes: Tom Dyer – vocals and lead guitar, Scott Sutherland – lead guitar and vocals, Joe Ross – bass guitar and harmonica, Jeff Kelly – organ and piano, and Scott Vanderpool – drums and vocals. The CD begins with a cover of a song by The Sonics, entitled “The Witch” and herein put the tie me a beautiful song for garage rock, which is played in a not too fast pace, then I “Walk Do not Run” to hear war and this Ventures cover is played excellently by the band. After that, the band let me enjoy a cover of Tiny Tony And The Statics, titled “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and this is a great swinging rock song, with the impossible to sit still and this is followed by “You Got Your Head On Backwards”, which is again a cover of a song by The Sonics and in this song, which includes blues influences are some good changes of pace and wonderful harmonica playing. The next song is called “Hungry,” a Paul Revere & The Raiders cover and in it I hear a catchy sounding rock song and this song contains some good changes of pace, and I “Angel Of The Morning” (Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts) dished get and this is an excellent version of this tranquil pop song, though I miss the women singing anyway. Then I hear a swinging contemporary version of the song “Louie, Louie”, originally a hit for The Port Landers and The Kingsmen, followed by “Dirty Robber” (The Wailers), a brilliant rock & roll song. In “Come Softly To Me” (The Fleet Woods) the band sounds like a fairly quiet piece pop music (listen to this song over the youtube link below the review) and “Just Like Me” (Paul Revere & The Raiders) I get a nice rock song in a not too rapidly to put. Then the band plays “Out Of Our Tree” (The Wailers) a great swinging rock song, where inaction is not an option and it is followed by “Little Sally Tease” (Don & The Goodtimes), a fantastic rock song and this song brings me to move. “Werewolf” (The Frantics) is a delightful instrumental progressive rock song that has a slightly hypnotic effect on me and “Busy Body” (The Dynamics With Jimmy Hanna) is a nice danceable rock song with rhythm and blues influences, while the last track of the album “She’s Boss” (The Dimensions) again is such a wonderful swinging rock song. Tom Dyer’s New Pagan God has me with “The History of Northwest Rock Vol.1″ treated to 15 great songs from the period from 1959 to 1968 and I can any lover of 60s music then also 100% recommend this disc.


October 29th, 2015

Raised By Gypsies: Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods has not only given you an album which you can listen to from start to finish and then listen to over and over again, but this is really so much more than that. This is music which you will enjoy and then drift away from only to find yourself eventually coming back to in the end. A concept I still can’t quite fully do justice with words but I would definitely love to see more music presented in such a manner. This is like someone not giving you food or a meal but rather giving you seeds and you planting those seeds just becomes so much more and lasts not for that fleeting moment in which you are hungry but forever so that you shall never be hungry again. – Joshua Macala
Tom Dyer's New Pagan Gods Review in Raised By Gypsies


October 24th, 2015

THE FUZZ Record Release Show


October 24th, 2015

From New Underground Music (translation): Fur For Fairies is the project of Susanne Kelly from Seattle, Washington, USA and is, like it made ​​in 2014 released album “By Reckless Moonlight”, in collaboration with her ​​husband Jeff, who is also in the bands The Green Pajamas and The Goblin Market plays.
Under the name Fur For Fairies is Susanne, who also paints and carvings makes, with the eponymous CD, which appeared in August 2015 through the Green Monkey Records label, its official debut. The CD contains 11 songs and begins with “My Stolen Kiss “, where I heard a fairly obscure-sounding pop song war and the voice of Susanne sounds pretty sensual, and” Like The End Of The World “follows and let herein hear me again a wonderful peaceful slightly progressive pop song, which equipped with an obscure text. Then I hear “If I Kissed An Angel” and in this song I hear a great danceable pop song, which is followed by “Gone With The Summer”, a catchy sounding calm doll song, in which Susanne me again treats us to a sultry vocals. Then comes “Toward The Dawn” and in it she let me enjoy a swinging danceable pop song containing light funk, and I “Sea Of Cortez (A Bourbon Lament)” to put war and in this song I hear a fine electro pop song, followed by “Things I Never Did”, which I heard a sultry sung pop song get, which is played in a not too rapidly. In “She Says No “Susanne is serving me a very quiet dark pop song, in which the voice somewhat resembles that of Crystal Jacqueline (listen to it using the youtube link below the review) and” Long Way Down “I hear her a delicious light hypnotic pop song be playing, which put me in motion. Then I get “The Singer Of Another Song,” a brilliant pop song, in which an amazing piece of Hammond organ sits and has a wonderfully catchy danceable rhythm, but contains an obscure text in the last song, entitled “The Lost Weekend (Autumn 1992)” I now hear again a quiet pop song that has a sad undertone and therefore sounds pretty grim. Fur For Fairies is full of nice quiet, sometimes obscure-sounding pop songs, listening more than worth it and I can therefore recommend this CD to those who love the better pop music.


October 23rd, 2015

Fur For Fairies - Into The WoodsFREE SONG DOWNLOAD!
A very Happy Halloween from Fur For Fairies!
Here’s a FREE song, just recorded. It’s their cover of The Green Pajamas’, “Into The Woods,” from the BOX OF SECRETS: NORTHERN GOTHIC II album. Hope you like it! Get it here:


October 21st, 2015

GREEN PAJAMAS – “DEATH BY MISADVENTURE (SB016), limited to ONLY 250 copies, all on translucent green vinyl.
The Green Pajamas - Death By Misadventure LPThis band from Seattle have been making records since the mid 1980s and immediately attracted a rabid following from Psych/Pop fans from all over the world. Magazines like Bucketful of Brains, Ptolemaic Terrascope have been singing their praises to high heaven ever since then. It is easy to see why. This is a simply incredible album. Releases on CD only a few years back it now makes its appearance with a revised track listing on vinyl for the first time ever. This is our most limited pressing yet and is sure to be a collectors item in a very short time. Grab one and get one for your friends because as you know we do not repress our releases making them exclusive items to cherish. £18.99 including postage anywhere!


October 21st, 2015

Frank Gutch Jr. in Indie MusicologyTHE FUZZ - Best Kept Secret: There is raw power here. Raw power! Play it low and you won’t get it. This kind of music you have to crank up!!! Wild freaking take-no-prisoners, slashing guitar and vocals as raw as the guitars. Riffs! Noise! Pounding beat! It’s all here. Again, though, crank it up!!!
Garage freaks, metalheads, Power-Poppers and speed freaks are going to love this album. Hell, I’m not any one of those except maybe a Power-Popper, and I love it…

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