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“No Lou” Video In The Can!

November 13th, 2014

Shooting is complete for the “No Lou This Xmas” video by Tom Dyer/Northwest Ono Band. As well as the band, the video stars 12 year old sensation Milo and man about town Eric Padget of Future Fridays and a million other bands. Thanks to our locations at Easy Street and the Benbow in West Seattle as well as the Trading Musician in the Roosevelt District. Editing is underway, with release scheduled for December 1.

The closing shot.

King County Queens @ The Benbow Room in West Seattle This Saturday!

November 13th, 2014

This Saturday, a mere three days from now, the KCQ’s will be laying it down at the Benbow, baby!

The Active Listener Quite Likes Happy Halloween!

November 11th, 2014

“Green Pajamas fans need this right now, and for those who are yet to discover this long running, and consistently great institution, now’s the time” Nathan Ford – The Active Listener

Halloween! Review in This Is Book’s Music!

November 9th, 2014

John Book, This is Book’s Music: Halloween 2014 is behind us now but this album by the Green Pajamas was released before October 31st and in truth, it’s music that is non-seasonal, which is good. The music on Happy Halloween! (Green Monkey) was recorded in 1984 but remained unreleased until thirty years later. Why it was held back is unknown but this is an album that should’ve came out way back then. If you are someone who has been a fan of this Seattle band over the years, you will find this to be great, as if a holy grail of sorts has been unleashed and you’ve been patiently waiting for something (anything) unreleased until now. A group like that, at least for me, were always on the verge of becoming something huge but because of the fact that Seattle was not the “hip place” it would become seven years later, a lot of great artists were held back from superstardom. For those who have called Green Pajamas personal favorites, songs like “In The Sky”, “I’ll Want To Run For You” and “Johnna Johnna” will become the classics it deserves to be.

Keepin’ It Real at Darrell’s

November 8th, 2014

Scott and Scott of your King County Queens

Travis, John and Ian of The OF

Great Article on Gary Minkler and Red Dress

November 7th, 2014

Super fine lowdown on Mr. Minkler by the estimable Frank Gutch in the
Segarini: Don’t Believe a Word I Say blog (Dissecting Pop Culture Since 2011. Great Music. Great Stories. Great Googa Mooga.)

Me, I have always loved that “Money Dreams” single.


November 2nd, 2014

All the way from Bozeman, Montana, this month’s AotM is Shambaholic and Other Love Songs by Donovan’s Brain (with an appearance or two by King County Queen Scott Sutherland). YIPPEE!

Dyer Shoots “No Lou This Xmas” Vid Tomorrow!

November 2nd, 2014

Tomorrow Team Dyer will shoot video for “No Lou This Xmas” just in a nick of time to be ready for the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping madness season. The shoot will star two actors as younger versions of TD, the 12-year old Milo Solomon and musician-around-town Eric Padget as the thirty-ish Tom. The shoot will take place at both the Trading Musician in the Roosevelt District and at Easy Street Records in West Seattle. A second shoot, with Tom Dyer/Northwest Ono Band will take place next week at the Admiral Benbow also in popular West Seattle!


October 31st, 2014

Join the new uber reality, baby! Friday, November 7, 2014
Darrell’s in Shoreline – SUPER ROCK!

Sweet Halloween Review in Terrascope!

October 29th, 2014

“a fascinating microscopic peek into the nuts and bolts of where they began and how, even thirty years ago in their basements and bedrooms, they were laying the groundwork for one of the most impressive careers in rock and roll.” Jeff Penczak, Terrascope

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